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Diving Equipment Name Labels are a high quality, printed, laminated and machine cut label with rounded corners for better durability. They are being offered on 2 different types of print media. 3M Reflective, & Ritrama White Vinyl.

The labels come on an A4 size sheet with 108 labels of various shapes.
Shapes include 3 different sized rectangles, squares, circles and triangles.
Different styles are also available, which include Black lettering on a white background and White lettering on a black background.
Show your loyalty with your national flag or diving club logo. Just upload or send it to us via an e-mail at info@divinglabels.com


Benefits in Diving

Flexibility and strength

Your muscles also work harder underwater as you move against the resistance of the current and the water itself. With this, you strengthen your muscles as well as develop your flexibility and endurance. Like swimming, which builds up the muscles in your thighs and shoulders, diving can help tone your different muscle areas, consequently giving you better posture.

Reduce blood pressure

Related to exercising your circulatory system, diving can also help lower blood pressure. There are studies reporting that those who dive on a regular basis are less likely to be prone to strokes and heart attacks.

Physical fitness

Swimming is one of the best modes of aerobic and anaerobic work we can do. It provides both a cardiovascular workout and a muscular workout as we move against the natural pressure of the water on our bodies with little to no strain on our joints.

Stress reliever

Similar to breathing during meditation, breathing slowly and deeply while diving induces a calm, relaxed state while the diver focuses on the underwater environment rather than thinking about problems they may be experiencing in daily life. This helps to reduce stress and balance the nervous system. A relaxed, calm state of mind has been proven to promote a positive attitude and prevent depression.

Healing effects of water

One other little known benefit to being at depth is a healing factor. This was demonstrated and experienced by researchers that remained in an underwater habitat for several weeks. The human body uses oxygen to repair cuts and tears that we may get in different tissues within our body.

Improve blood circulation

While working all your body muscles simultaneously during a dive, you also give yourself a full cardiovascular workout. The muscles used require oxygen, so your blood vessels open for improved circulation to supply the needed oxygen.